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Saturday, April 26
Rockstar Weekend
   I guess I'll still post comics at erratic, occasional installments?
Wednesday, June 7
Starting Point
   This was an expositional comic that ran as part of the series where Professor Howardson lives with Kelvin and company.
Sunday, May 28
Everyone Drunk But Me
   Everyone Drunk but Me is done! I had a really great time drawing it and I have great memories of the Daily Cardinal, but I've moved on. Thanks for reading and thanks for the emails. -LB
United 93 - Review
Amos Posner on the controversial new film.
American Dreamz - Review
Amos Posner on the less-controversial new film.
V for Vendetta - Review
Remember, Remember, the something of November. Um... you know, Guy Fawlkes Day.
New Year's Eve in Cambodia - a Travelogue
New Year's Eve spent in Cambodia. Pretty much.
Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Prices - Review
Death of the Party's own Jon Fischer evaluates this film in, like, four catagories.
System of a Down - Concert Review
Jon Fischer of Death of the Party on System of a Down in Concert ... he even provided a set list.
Common - Osaka Concert Review
Guess who finally saw Common live despite living across the globe from him? Leif. Hip-hops in Japan.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Review
A Magical Adventure or a big Creepy-fest? Cinematically beautiful or a not-fully-realized film? Amos?
Mike Jones would like to request you cease and desist asking who (who?) he is, and hereby informs you that should you continue to inquire about his tipping status he will punch you in the jugular.
Fantastic Four - Review
Jessica Alba as director of genetic research? Never say that again. Ever.
War of the Worlds - Review!
Amos examines how Spielberg did a lot right with this, while unfortunatley making it live up to exactly the level of film complexity Spielberg wanted.
A Fake Hillary Clinton Nude? Well, I guess it's sexy...
The wonders of found objects from offices. Wondering why people have them! HA!
Terror begins at a Well Fargo Branch
Are YOU patriotic enough? Trick question! No one can be patriotic enough! Unless they buy this magnet we will sell you. The money for it? It goes to...uh...patriotism.
Mr. and Mrs. Smith- Review
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are very pretty. And this movie is actually better than anyone's low expectations.
Kate Earl : Fate is the Hunter- Review
Kristin V. Johnson listens to Kate Earl's new album, finding Fate is the Hunter demonstrates a lot of talent, but also a little too much deference to influences. At what point are you a copy-cat?
Layer Cake- Review
Amos Posner looks at Matthew Vaughn's (producer, “Snatch” ) debut as director in this flim that proves somewhat similar and somewhat of a departure for him.
Spoon 'n Jack - Concert Review
Spoon lead singer Britt Daniels tries embarassingly hard to hook up with fans while on tour to support their new LP Gimme Fiction, with opener Jack Daniels (no relation).
...Trail of Dead Interview
Kristin interviews Jason Reece of ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, and ends up talking about the Mayan Apocalypse.
Monday, May 29 10:13 pm
X-Men 3: The Last Stand
The first two X-Men movies were remarkably balanced. They offered great action thrills, but did it alongside compelling storylines and strong character development. As a result, they were not only two of the most exciting blockbusters of the decade, but also two of the most soulful. Perhaps X-Men: The Last Stand wouldn’t seem so dreadful if it weren’t trying to fill those shoes. But with the departure of director Bryan Singer and his writing team, so too departed the sense of balance, depth, and...
Tuesday, November 1 11:39 pm
Mike Keller
What's Going On
Just wanted to update you on a few things to expect soon from . dot C.O.M. 1) We're down to the top 3 in my video game list. You can expect the long overdue conclusion in the upcoming weeks. Having combed the annals of video game obscurity, do think you have figured out what will be #1? You might get 3 if you don't look too hard, but my top 2 are sure to be undiscovered old gems for you to hunt for and enjoy. 2) You may have noticed that some of the old entries on the...
Thursday, February 2 8:49 am
Mike Jones
January: The Buzzkill Month
“Can you believe it’s February already? ” I work in a file room, surrounded by co-workers who dwell in cubicles whose walls are carpeted. We banter back and forth about “the game” last night or what weird bitch was on “American Idol” the night before. It’s the sort of place where people pin up pictures of their children/dozens of cats next to that particularly side-splitting “Far Side” cartoon they tore off from their desk calendar or that “Hunks of Lost” poster they found at ShopKo....

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