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now offering hoodies.

Note: We use , which I believe also accepts credit cards. If you would prefer to send a check, please e-mail and we'll work something out.

For Sale:

Rockstar Weekend Hoodie : Now In Stock

Hoodies are US$33 (Includes USPS Priority Mail Shipping). The sweatshirt itself is a Lee Hoodie, in black with the Rockstar Weekend (& Lily) design in white and Electric-ish blue.

Rockstar Weekend Lee Hoodie: $33 (including shipping)

Everyone Drunk But Me T-Shirt Designs! - Coming Someday?

Laura Beth's Everyone Drunk But Me might be represented on a t-shirt. Two awesome designs are shown on this page. Below are samples of the art, as well as what they would look like when printed in color on a color t-shirt. Please note that both the colors and the design have yet to be finalized. Please e-mail Laura Beth at: to tell her which design you prefer, and please check out the designs on the page linked to above.

- tell her which design you prefer

On Campus
The precurser to Rockstar Weekend, the first year of the 4-year spanning
collegiate series that appeared in The Daily Cardinal from 2000-2004
is now on sale.

Price per copy? $3