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Who are you guys? Big Cheese Press is a group of former U of Wisconsin students (now found from coast to coast) who specialize in writing, drawing, and newspapering. The site was founded to collect comics started in The Daily Cardinal. All three comics on the site got their start in that best of all college papers. The blogs/columns were an outgrowth of this effort, and feature the work of talented columnists, editors, and English majors (who have no use for their skills in the real world, and instead must become professional dogwalkers. I'm looking at you, Mike Keller.)

On Campus (now Rockstar Weekend) and Everyone Drunk But Me both started running in 2000, Starting Point in 2001 or 2002 (Evan? Little help?).

Will there be comic books, t-shirts, etc? Yes. There will be shirts at some point, and it is our goal to collect the strips and columns shown here into comic book digesty things or somesuch. At some point.

Are you going to expand your roster? We're not really looking to do that at this point. Running this site is a lot of work, with negligible monetary rewards. There's only so much we can do right now.

When do things update? The comics are updated daily Mon-Fri. By daily I mean they update at 3am Eastern, because our server is located in the Pacific Time Zone. The columns are updated on average once a week, depending on the schedule of the writer. This can lead to a column every week and a half, or 21 columns in a row in a feat up super-human strength. There is no set schedule at this point.

When will you start coloring your comics? When the site pays for itself. As it stands, the artistic styles used do not always lend themselves to rapid, paint-bucket style coloring. Starting Point does. Since the strips are 5 days a week, they will be colored when there is time not spent at work, drawing, commuting, eating, commuting, riding the goddamn bus, etc.

I want to buy stuff from you/give you money on PayPal! Where can I do that? The Merch Page.

When will you have link banners available for me to post on MY site? Got it, sucker! On the Links Page.

Can I write a column/blog/reviews for you? I don't know... Are you awesome?

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