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Comics enjoyed include:

Daily Cardinal Comics
DEATH OF THE PARTY Jon Fischer's politics and turmoil and beer and emo comic
Toothpaste For Dinner (your new favorite comic)
Wapsi Square...Minnesotans
Nothing Nice to Say...more Minnesotans. this time more punk, less busty.
White Ninja Comics...funny.
Rob And Elliot is Good stuff. Former UVAer.
The Perry Bible Fellowship um... I don't know how to describe it. Angryfloweresque?
Mac Hall
Penny-Arcade Shut up. You read it and you love it.
Diesel Sweeties ridiculously good.
Scary-Go-Round...brilliant, with wonderful dialogue
VG Cats...Sick, twisted, hilarious.
Um...some really cute comic oh, it's called Return to Sender.
Cat and Girl ...funnier than you think.

Bob the Angry Flower!...proper use of apostrophes appreciated
Exploding Dog ...not really a comic, but, you know.
No Soap, Radio. Indie comic
Web Comics Daily Comic Strips
Other sites we are in some way associated with (got mentioned on, know people at) and generally enjoy:
TheForce.Net Hanzi Smatter The Trail of Dead Fansite HAP Studios our webmaster's

Other sites include:

The Superficial
Daily Kos
Gig Posters
Dave Sim's Notes from the President : if you want to make comics. seriously.

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