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System of a Down - Concert Review
Jon Fischer watches System of a Down tear it up in Seattle.

Common in Osaka, J-Pan - Concert Review
Leif Griffin sees hip-hop with a conscience from Common while abroad in Osaka, Japan. Hippity-Hop!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Review
A Magical Adventure or a big Creepy-fest? Cinematically beautiful or a not-fully-realized film? Amos will tell you.

Fantastic Four - Review
This is another Comic Book Adaptation Movie Thing, isn't it? All television actors, you say? Interesting... oh, Jessica Alba is director of genetic research, you say? Never say that again.

War of the Worlds - Review!
Wait, there's a movie attached to this Tom Cruise Press Caravan? Amos examines how Spielberg did a lot right with this, making it live up to exactly the level of film complexity Spielberg wanted.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith- Review
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are very pretty. And this movie is actually better than anyone thought it would be. Because everyone thought it would be trash. But it isn't. Amos says so.

Kate Earl : Fate is the Hunter- Review
Kristin V. Johnson listens to Kate Earl's new album, finding Fate is the Hunter demonstrates a lot of talent, but also a little too much deference to influences. At what point does emulation become too strong?

The Longest Yard - Review
Adam Sandler works this not-quite-a-remake into a fun film with an relaxed atmosphere. Amos Posner notes the film's use of the original as a starting point for something different

. Layer Cake - Review
Amos Posner looks at "Layer Cake" the admirable directorial debut by Mathew Vaugn (producer of "Snatch" and "Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels").

Amos Posner reviews "Crash", a film that tries to be a deep social commentary and ends up perhaps a bit too heavy.

Spoon 'n Jack
A Spoon concert sponsored by Jack Daniels? Sign me up! Or, I mean...let me in!

Gorillaz : Demon Days - Review
The follow up by musical talent collective Gorillaz features yet another hit pop single with a kickass music video. The rest of the album...

20 Video Games You've Never Played, But Probably Should Have (Part 2)
Mike examines/reviews games you need to emulate. (Games #15-11)

20 Video Games You've Never Played, But Probably Should Have (Part 1)
Mike examines/reviews the best games that most likely didn't make it onto your systems. (Games #16-20)

What's Going On
Just wanted to update you on a few things to expect soon from . dot C.O.M. 1) We're...
January: The Buzzkill Month
“Can you believe it’s February already? ” I work in a file room, surrounded by co-workers...