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Friday, May 12 8:16 am (link) -
Don't rent from JSM
As promised, here is the first of probably about three weeks of Rejected Starting Points. This one is so autobiographical it's almost embarassing. A shady property company here in Madison, Wis., had stolen a chunk of my security deposit from me without warrant (I know, everybody says that). They knew that in order to get it back, I would have to take a legal route which would have ended up costing more than the missing security deposit, so they knew I would have to fold. In particular, a man named Pat was particularly cruel.

So I drew this "Fuck JSM" strip as my little revenge. In a way, it worked, after printing this strip I didn't feel so worked up about it anymore. Anyway, this is about as angry as my strip ever got, and in hindsight, comparing my landlord to Al-Qaeda just a year or so after Sept. 11 wasn't really a tasteful thing to do. Not that I take it back.


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