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  Starting Point
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Monday, April 3 8:55 am (link) -
So this is how is all ends
So this is the second to last Starting Point, enjoy! Tomorrow the final strip will run.

In other news, to make up for the tardiness of these strips, I'll be running a handful of bonus comics starting next week - there's maybe 8 of them of varying quality, but a few are of interest.

Also, if you're into new music, check out my mp3 blog at Every day, I post a new song you can download and read my thoughts on. Right now it's mainly more obscure stuff - some newer indie rock and hip-hop, some older R&B and post-punk, that sort of thing - but there will be some more familiar music posted in coming weeks. It'll be one the of the few blogs that posts both modern R&B (which I'm really starting to get into) and classic '80s goth.

Also, I love when Joanis does this, he tacked on an entire bonus strip to an existing strip. Brilliant! Check it out.

- Evan (evanryt @

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