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  Everyone Drunk But Me
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Monday, January 29 9:16 pm (link) -
End of EDBme
Everyone Drunk but Me is done! I had a really great time drawing it and I have great memories of the Daily Cardinal, but I've moved on. Thanks for reading and thanks for the emails.


Friday, July 14 8:39 pm (link) -
At camp!!
Hey, I'm at camp in Minnesota without drawing materials or a scanner-- but I wanted to update to say that I'm here and planning on drawing more in September when I get back to Oregon.

In the meantime, Marke (the best brother ever) made a global facebook group (it's called "Everyone Drunk But Me Fan Club") for my comic, and I uploaded some old comics (crappy .bitmap's, but readable) on there that aren't on here. You are welcome to join the group! As of right now, it's just me and my brother, and that's kind of funny. We're having a good conversation on the message board.

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