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Before working on Big Cheese Press: the Website, Andrew Joanis worked on Big Cheese Press: The Geocities Side-project. The original Big Cheese Press site was located on Geocities back when they were neighborhood-based. Primarily a High School venue for posting comics about friends in the late 90s, it became the host for his college strips later.

Andrew Joanis previously worked on On Campus in The Daily Cardinal. This daily strip lasted for the full four years of his college tenure, the first year collection of which will soon be available for sale online (though it is on sale in select comic book stores). Samples of On Campus can be found on the Joanis Portfolio Page for now, and will soon be available for dead-tree purchase, perusal, etc. He's also done free-lance art, such as the graphics for the Collegebound Sports Series.

Other Projects

I almost did this super-hero book with this other guy. Here's what some of the art would have looked like. Well, did look like. I pulled out of doing the project, though. I didn't feel up to it. He wanted to send it to Image! I'm not that good, yet.

This is the hero.

Outfit sorta based on biking outfits. The collaborator nixed the shorts idea. I liked 'em. Anyway, the reason the coloring is so bizarre in this pic is because I was trying out my new Wacom tablet. I left a lot of pencil shading in that should have been erased, too. It was mostly just a practice design.

Girl. I was told that initial designs weren't good, because he wanted her to look less "touched." I guess he meant indie-rock. So I sent him this, figuring it was more along the lines of what he was looking for.

Evil Brother

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